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[VIDEO] Macklemore Makes A Big Announcement

Grammy Award winning Macklemore dropped a video over the weekend co-starring his wife with a big announcement after some speculation and rumors about the couple last week.

“Today the media speculated about some big news in our life. So we decided to share it with you ourselves.”

The video consists of Macklemore along his fiancé Tricia Davis’ bedside while she’s having an ultrasound done. The couple is expecting their first child together in May.

[PHOTOS] Nicki Minaj Has A Nip Slip!

Nicki Minaj has been on a heavy promo tour since dropping her latest album, Pink Print, this week. She’s visited every morning show, late night show, etc. including Bravo’s Andy Cohen. But during her interview with Andy she had a minor nip slip!

One fan tweeted, “Trying to be classy, and you had a nip slip @NICKIMINAJ @Andy #wwhl @Bravotv @BravoWWHL.”


PHOTOS] Ashanti Takes Stalker To Court?

One thing is definitely promised with fame; stalkers.

Ashanti’s stalker recently went to trial after being arrested numerous times for sending her and her mom explicit text messages and tweets.

In 2009, Devar Hurd met Ashanti and her mother at a show and exchanged information for “business.” Shortly after Devar acquired her mom’s info, (who was Ashanti’s manager) Devar sent them explicit pictures of himself. After being harassed with texts and pictures, Tina Douglas had Hurd arrested and locked up for 2 years in Rikers Island which was the same time Lil Wayne there.

Unfortunately for Ashanti, Hurd’s focused remained on her and after being released from jail he started tweeting her non-stop!

“@ashanti I know how emotional you are when it comes to our sex life… us f—in is very emotional on both ends…” was one tweet from Hurd.

Now that they’re on trial you would think things can’t get any worse right? Wrong! Hurd is representing himself so he’s face to face speaking to Ashanti in the court room.

“Wassup Shani… everything good?” was how Devar started the examination. “How’s ‘Army Wives’ going? Are you still acting on that show?”


J. Cole Takes Shots At Eminem, Iggy Azalea, And Justin Timberlake?

Overnight J. Cole’s album “2014 Forest Hills Drive” leaked and there’s a lot of buzz over one track in particular called “Fire Squad.” In his verses Cole took shots at Eminem, Iggy, and Justin Timberlake. Ouch.

“While silly ni**as argue over who gon’ snatch the crown / Look around my ni**a, white people have snatched the sound / This year I’ll probably go to the awards dappered down / Watch Iggy win a Grammy as I try to crack a smile.”

He’s quick to add, “I’m just playin’, but all good jokes contain true shit / Same rope you climb up on, they’ll hang you with.”

I wonder how Em will respond.